Compatible for every smartphone up to 5.7"


Thank you for using 360Glasses. These Virtual Reality glasses are the ideal solution for easily viewing VR apps on a smartphone. Download the VR app on your smartphone, put the smartphone in the glasses and you will find yourself in the virtual 3D world. 360Glasses are suitable for all smartphones up to 5.7 inches.

Warning: read these instructions for use before you start using the 360Glasses.

Download instructions for use


  • Only suitable for use by children age 14 or older due to the development of children’s eyes. Supervise your children while they are using the 360Glasses.
  • Consult your doctor before using the 360Glasses if you are sensitive to flashing lights or patterns that could cause epileptic attacks.
  • Hold the 360Glasses against the head manually and do not use a headband. This prevents neck complaints and the so-called VR sickness (carsickness).
  • Take regular breaks when using the glasses for long periods in order to rest your eyes and neck.
  • If you become dizzy or nauseous while using the glasses, STOP IMMEDIATELY.
  • Consult a doctor if you continue to suffer from neck complaints, stiffness and/or tired eyes.
  • The use of 360Glasses is not permitted while you are driving, biking or walking.
  • If you are using the 360Glasses outdoors, stop if it rains, snows, hails or in case of a thunderstorm.

The use of the 360Glasses is at your own risk. 360 Glasses Europe B.V. is not liable for any physical, mental, material damage and/or consequential damage resulting from the use of 360Glasses. Additionally the company is not liable for careless use or if the warnings above are ignored.

Tips for storing the 360Glasses

  • Store your 3D glasses well so that children under age 14 cannot play with them.
  • Protect the product from extreme temperatures and do not allow it to come into contact with open fire.
  • Do not put anything heavy on the product.
  • The glasses may not come into contact with hazardous substances.
  • Clean the lenses regularly with, for instance, a lens cloth.
  • To prevent damage to the glasses and the lenses, do not put the product anywhere near sharp objects.

Instructions for use

  1. Download a VR app from the App or Play store.
  2. Start the App.
  3. Put the smartphone in the 360Glasses and make sure it is firmly attached.
  4. Enjoy all the apps that have been developed for 360Glasses.